Leo Swan had a prolific output of research based on his aerial surveys and excavations. Below is a list of articles and texts published by Leo, mainly on the subject of early medieval ecclesiastical sites.


  • The recognition and recovery of ecclesiastical enclosures by aerial observation and aerial photography (3 vols, unpublished MA diss. University College Dublin 1971)
  • ‘Fennor, Co Meath’, Ríocht na Mídhe 5/2 (1972) 64–69
  • ‘Duleek: an Early Christian site’, Annals of Duleek 3 (1973) 12–20
  • ‘Excavations at Kilpatrick Churchyard, Killucan, Co Westmeath, July/August 1973 and 1975’, Ríocht na Mídhe 4/2 (1976) 89–96
  • ‘The Hill of Tara, county Meath: the evidence of aerial photography’, JRSAI 108 (1978) 51–66
  • ‘Enclosed ecclesiastical sites and their relevance to settlement patterns in the first millennium A.D.’, in Terence Reeves-Smyth & Fred Hamond (ed), Landscape archaeology in Ireland, BAR Ser 116 (Oxford 1983) 269–94
  • ‘Monastic proto-towns in early medieval Ireland: the evidence of aerial photography, plan analysis and survey’, in Howard B. Clarke & Anngret Simms (ed), The comparative history of urban origins in non-Roman Europe: Ireland, Wales, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Russia from the ninth to the thirteenth century, BAR Int Ser 255 (Oxford 1985) 77–102
  • ‘Newcastle Lyons—the prehistoric and Early Christian periods’, in Peter O’Sullivan (ed), Newcastle Lyons: parish of the Pale (Dublin 1986) 1–10
  • ‘A carved stone head from Killaspuglonane, Co Clare’, in Etienne Rynne (ed), Figures from the past: studies on figurative art in christian Ireland in honour of Helen M. Roe (Blackrock [Co Dublin] 1987) 159–67
  • Here lyeth—a record and description of the graveyards of Grange Abbey, Raheny, Coolock and Kilbarrack and a summary of the history of these parishes (Dublin 1987)
  • ‘The Early Christian ecclesiastical sites of county Westmeath’, in John Bradley (ed), Settlement and society in medieval Ireland: studies presented to F. X. Martin, O.S.A.(Kilkenny 1988) 3–31
  • ‘Prehistoric and early Christian Bray’ in John O’Sullivan, Tony Dunne and Séamus Cannon (eds), The book of Bray (Blackrock, 1989), 21-25
  • ‘The churches, monasteries and burial grounds of the Burren’, in J. W. O’Connell & Anne Korff (ed), The book of the Burren (1st ed. Newtownlynch [Kinvara, Co Galway] 1991; 2nd ed. 2001) 95–118
  • ‘Some ecclesiastical sites in county Clare’, The Other Clare 15 (Ennis 1991) 61–63
  • ‘Early monastic sites’, in Michael Ryan (ed), The illustrated archaeology of Ireland (Dublin 1991) 137–39
  • ‘Kells and its Book’, in Felicity O’Mahony (ed), The Book of Kells: proceedings of a conference at Trinity College Dublin, 6–9 September 1992 (Aldershot 1994) 48–59
  • ‘Ecclesiastical settlement in Ireland in the early medieval period’, in Michel Fixot & Élisabeth Zadorio-Rio (ed), L’environnement des églises et la topographie religieuse des campagnes médiévales, 3e Congrès international d’archéologie médiévale, Aix-en-Provence, 28–30 septembre 1989 (Paris 1994) 50–56
  • ‘Excavations at Kilpatrick, Killucan, Co Westmeath: evidence for bone, antler and iron working’, Ríocht na Mídhe 9/1 (1994/95) 1–21
  • ‘Fine metalwork from the Early Christian site at Kilpatrick, Co Westmeath’, in Cormac Bourke (ed), From the Isles of the North: early medieval art in Ireland and Britain: proceedings of the Third International Conference on Insular art held in the Ulster Museum, Belfast, 7–11 April 1994 (Belfast 1995) 75–80
  • ‘Archaeological testing at Stamullin, Co Meath’, Ríocht na Mídhe 9/2 (1996) 48–59
  • ‘Lehaunstown Park, Co Dublin: a forgotten tower house’, in Conleth Manning (ed), Dublin and beyond the Pale: studies in honour of Patrick Healy (Bray 1998) 163–68
  • Teltown: an ancient assembly site in county Meath (Bray 1998)
  • ‘The Market Cross, Kells, Co Meath’, Ríocht na Mídhe 9/4 (1998) 49–55
  • (with Tom Condit), ‘New enclosure at Brú na Bóinne’, Archaeology Ireland 14/4 (2000) 24–27
  • ‘Killoughter, Co Wicklow—a medieval landscape’, Wicklow Archaeology and History 2 (Bray 2002) 69–76

Also of interest are the following texts which were produced in Leo Swan's memory:

  • Tom Condit and Christiaan Corlett (eds) Above and beyond: essays in memory of Leo Swan (Bray, 2005)
  • Fionnbar Moore (ed.) Peritia: Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland, 20 (2008)